Luminous listening is the alchemical core of Relational Presence that is the key to authentic compelling public speaking.

The practice of approaching “public speaking” as a function of listening more than of speaking has dissolved the performance anxiety of thousands around the world and allowed natural expression of their best selves in pleasure and flow.

Luminous = full of light.

Luminous listening comes from the eyes more than through the ears. “A twinkle in the eye need not be accompanied by a big smile to convey the moon.”

Luminous listening is key to success in all sensitive interactions, from public speaking to private loving. Every relational adventure goes better for luminous listeners.

Luminous listening is a finely calibrated vibration that matches that of healthy mother mirroring, the gaze festival many of us did not enjoy in good measure as infants and toddlers. Mother mirroring deprivation shows up through the years as self-consciousness and performance anxiety.

Every relational adventure at home and in the world goes better for luminous listeners.

Luminous listening brings out the best in everyone, including yourself.

Luminous listening promotes an attunement with others that soothes everyone’s nervous system (especially our own–Job One!). It makes us higher functioning business and family leaders, and better friends.

Both in the role of audience and center of attention, luminous listeners provide a gaze that makes others feel seen and that they belong. We all crave that sense of belonging.

We get there by practicing “easygoing in the not knowing” as we surrender into the luminous listening of other warm, intelligent consenting adults. In this state of grace we live and learn what wants to sift out through our spirit, our soul, our heart, our mind when the sweetest listening in the world is nourishing us in patient kindness.

In this pleasurable field of belonging we allow connection through the soft gaze rather than try to make connection. From here we hold deep stillness and kind regard for each other as we discover what we really have to say about things that show up daily in our conflicts, quirks, and callings.

This practice opens access to our inner guidance system along with opportunities to liberate our creative expression and be “listened into existence.”

When you associate with luminous listeners you quickly and pleasurably pick up rhythms of presence, breathing, and flow that naturally enrich all significant interactions.

In a roomful of luminous listening practitioners everyone transforms, mends their minds, rocks their souls.

The photos on this page are of luminous listeners in action. Notice that their eyes are alive. (Authentic smiles spread from the corners of the eyes and the mouth follows.)

You might practice gazing into the eyes on this page, spending some time with each person, and imagine what you are called to share with them.

Luminous listening breeds trust and loyalty.

Can you find your inner luminous listener in the mirror?

Would you take a minute to commune with yourself in stillness from this place?

Would you take another minute to speak to yourself in loving kindness from this place?

Can you imagine enjoying more luminous listening in all your intimate and professional relationships?