Virtual Speaking Circles®

Practice accessing your true voice in a supportive environment on-line.

Here is an innovative way to participate on-line that approaches the attunement and intimacy of an in-person Speaking Circle.
This 7-minute video transmits the feel and protocol of the 6-minute turn in an hourlong Zoom Speaking Circle, shared with the permission of each of the participants.


Lee Glickstein (Pacific Times): Zoom Speaking Circles are one hour with up to 5 participants: Mon. 10am, Tues. 7pm, Wed. 1pm; Thurs. 3pm and 7pm (

These other Certified Speaking Circles Facilitators use the same protocol. Contact them for times and fees:

Doreen Downing (Pacific): Fearless Speaking group coaching program: (

Eric Atwood (Eastern): Mon. 12/4, 7pm; Wed. 12/6, 7pm. Mon. 12/11, 7pm; Wed. 12/3, 7pm; Mon. 12/18, 7pm; Wed. 12/20, 1pm; Wed. 12/27, 7pm. Advanced Clarity Circle (90 min.), Fri. 12/15 or 29, 3:30pm (

Nancy Wilson (Eastern): 1st and 3rd Sunday each month, 4:30pm (

Lynne Velling (Pacific): Mon. 5 pm, Wed. noon, Sat. 10 am (

Jean Kathryn Carlson (Pacific): Tues. 7pm and Thurs. 9am (

Sarah Barrett (Mountain): (

Liz Sweet (Pacific): On hiatus (

If you haven’t been to a Zoom Circle, we invite you to meet with one of us for 10-15 minutes to check your Zoom connection, lighting, picture and sound, to talk a bit about the protocol, and to answer any questions you may have. There is no fee for this session.

Lee Glickstein

Speaking Circles®


Learn to access your naturally potent, effortless expression in front of any audience.

With Lee Glickstein or Doreen Downing
No Prerequisite

Limited to 6 participants.

At a Speaking Circle® you are provided all the support you need to express yourself in your own time and in your own unique way, without any fear or discomfort. Learn how to move through stage fright rather than trying to mask it by sharing who you really are. Some call this depth of expression, “speaking from the heart,” “the authentic self” or “your real voice.” Whatever you call it, you know when you are there; you know when someone else is there; and you know how rare it is. And it happens in every Speaking Circle.

About Speaking Circles

Calendar of Events

Email to schedule a conversation to see if this is a perfect fit for you.

Coming from Stillness Daylong Speaking Circles®

Transform your relationship with groups by practicing the pleasure principle of public speaking

With Lee Glickstein
No Prerequisite
No Circles until … Goddess knows when

Fee $150.  Limited to 10 participants. (Note 10-day cancellation policy once signed up for this program.)

We start the day with a Speaking Circle to practice tapping into the essential pleasure of Dropping Into and Coming from Stillness without agenda as to content or style. [Note for newcomers: Any public speaking anxiety starts to dissolve in the listening field of kind regard that naturally calms the nervous system.]

Along the way you’ll notice threads that lead to clarity and expression of life purpose, passion, meaning, stories, inquiry, your teachings in the world — whatever wants to arise effortlessly and authentically in the pleasure field as the day unfolds with more turns.

In the course of this pleasurable day you’ll learn:

  • How to dissolve public speaking anxiety before you say a word up front
  • The foundation for all soul-to-soul leadership transmission
  • How to see your audience so they feel seen
  • How to access and communicate your “essential knowing” naturally

Calendar of Events

Email to schedule a conversation to see if this deeper immersion is the perfect fit for you.

Speaking Circle® Facilitator Training


Phase 1: Three- or four-day core training intensive

Phase 2: Three-month certification coaching and training program

This concentrated program works on the level of personal transformation while teaching you the skills and tools you will need to become a masterful Facilitator. Enrollment is limited, allowing for extensive personal attention for each trainee.

This training is offered in two phases. Those who wish to to integrate this transformational approach into other teachings they are offering, or into everyday life and work, may take Phase 1 alone. Those who are called to become a Certified Speaking Circle Facilitator will continue on to Phase 2.

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On-site Training

Leadership Attunement Development:
The Work Beneath the Work

Leaders can get these results by giving priority attention to being fully present with their teams, and inspiring their team members to be present with each other while listening to each other. This foundational listening creates a workplace culture where everyone feels heard and can contribute their best, which is mission-critical to breakthrough conversations.

What makes our programs radically effective is that within one hour of hands-on practice of this “work beneath the work,” the relevant content of breakthrough conversations emerges naturally and precisely so that appropriate decisions and actions present themselves with minimum effort.

Ours is the breakthrough training that isolates where the future of leadership development needs to start, at the pre-content level, from where our communication essentially comes from.

Our program shows leaders how to gain full capacity to:

  • “Hold stillness” for others so that in moments of truth time slows down in consciousness and communication can be more reasoned.
  • Regulate your autonomous nervous system and that of those around you so that communications are not compromised by stress.
  • Tap into the ease of effortless listening so that others feel safe to speak the unspeakable.
    Communicate from attunement to inspire the kind of trust and loyalty that maximizes productivity.
Program Structure
The first hour:

A discovery process that consists of 5% lecture, 25% group discussion and 70% experiential exercise. This hour establishes the platform for the breakthrough conversation to follow that allows everything to be said that must be said, which is crucial for moving forward in harmony and creative synergy.

Along the way, participants gain conscious access to the leadership tools and resources they already have, and other stored wisdom they may not even know they have. From there, our programs are customized to serve the group purpose and the individuals’ leadership development.

The next step:

After that first hour, no two programs are alike. Yours is customized:

  1. To facilitate turning point conversations on the leading edge of what matters most for you and your group.
  2. For participants to achieve personal breakthroughs in integrating leadership tools into real world challenges.

We know that participants already have excellent leadership resources that will be useful when the timing is right for them to apply, but in the first hour we isolate and expand the natural resource beneath all tools, the exquisitely personal place to come from that allows all good tools their potency.

This path is about evoking and inspiring the best in everyone you meet, and in yourself as a leader.

We’ll be happy to set up a time to discuss your leadership objectives, challenges, and potential next steps.

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