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Virtual Circles

We are now offering Virtual Speaking Circles. For more details and schedule see Virtual Circles.

Evening Programs — TBA

For updates on the planned return of in-person Speaking Circle with Lee Glickstein, phone 415-302-3526 or email.
For information about Doreen Downing’s programs, phone 415-924-8955 or email.  (Note: In her clinical practice as a psychologist, Doreen also has openings for those who would like to work privately on their speaking anxiety.)

Weekend Programs


Facilitator Trainings

North America

  • California
    Friday-Sunday, TBA
    (October 2023 or January 2024), San Francisco Bay Area, plus 3-month group coaching program


  • The Netherlands
    Tuesday-Friday, 5-8 September, 2023,
    plus 3-month group coaching program