The Pleasure Principle of Public Speaking

through Relational Presence

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The Pleasure Principle of Public Speaking

Imagine standing in front of any audience, feeling at ease and enjoying the pleasure of rapt attention. The radical practice of Relational Presence will help you transform your public speaking anxiety into a naturally potent, effortless expression.

Own Your Voice

Create a “field of belonging” in a group by holding the calm center co-mindfully.

Invite connection and communicate with ease every time.

Access your natural magnetism to improve the quality of your business presentations and relationships.

Bring out the best in others by seeing the best in them.

Speaker’s Guide to Authentic Connection

The Alchemy of Influence through Relational Presence

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“Lee created something truly magical that helped me dissolve my longstanding stage fright, and along the way introduced me to a way of listening that has cascaded into other areas of life, making me simply more at ease and fulfilled in all interactions.”

Matt Klein, Consultant

“Lee’s mentoring transformed my life, going from a shaking, scared mouse to a lion on stage.”

Dr. David Klein, Dean of Vibrant Health Academy, Maui

“Lee is a master at creating a warm, safe environment for even the most terrified of speakers. I myself had been going into total nervous system meltdown with a primal urge to escape the situation, and now I am finding a place of comfort and joy onstage that transfers even to my business groups.”

Jennifer Wallace, Business Consultant and filmmaker

“Because of these teachings I am living my dream as a motivational speaker…”

Amalia Starr, founder and CEO, Autism Independence Foundation

Speaking Circles®

Public Speaking Training

At a Speaking Circle you are provided all the support you need to express yourself in your own time and in your own unique way, without fear or discomfort. Learn how to move through stage fright by sharing who you really are, rather than trying to mask the anxiety.

Speaking Circle® Results:


Move past performance anxiety and receive support from an audience.


Present yourself with magnetic presence and authenticity.


Experience an increase in self-confidence.


Compel rapt attention from any audience.


Speak with ease, clarity and power.

Demystifying the Cause and Cure of Stage Fright

The Speaking Circles cure for public speaking anxiety arose from my own 45 years of severe stage fright. I was the deer in the headlights guy, and it was humiliating. Toastmasters didn't help, nor did other methods to break through this confounding issue. It took...

Relational Presence Improves Speaker Ease Through Healing Attachment

Summary -- Speaking Circles® are well-known for both attenuating stage fright and fostering speaker-audience rapport, both of which allow for authentic, effective communication. During a Speaking Circle, the speaker receives unconditional positive regard from their...

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Be Heard Now - End Your Fear of Public Speaking

Be Heard Now

End Your Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking Anxiety Solved 

“The turning point in solving my own crippling stage fright came at age 45 with the epiphany that my problem was not a block in speaking, but a block in receiving the available listening.

“This set me on a path to discover how to tune into ‘available listening.’ It took some practice, but I soon got to the point of feeling at home with any audience, having discovered that when I allow room for their listening, their attention comes to me like a magnet.

“This led me to devise the Speaking Circles protocol which provides a luminous listening field for one person at a time to pleasurably come to terms with an audience that is practiced at providing a soft steady gaze of kind regard.

“With no pressure to give a talk or speak at all, but rather to simply meet the soft gaze of one listener at a time and see what might come through to express, this became a foolproof way for 90% of participants to change their relationship with audiences in the ‘real world’ forever.”

~Lee Glickstein, author of Be Heard Now! Tap into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease (Broadway Books and Sounds True Audiotapes)

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