Products – Authentic and Fearless Public Speaking

Whether for self-study or to supplement your classwork, these products will deepen your understanding of the art of Relational Presence and how to express your natural charisma and inner wisdom in front of any group.

Be Heard Now!

Tap into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease

As followers of Speaking Circles® affirm, masterful public speaking isn’t the result of being over-prepared or having a slick delivery. It’s actually a creative, interactive process relying on the speaker’s natural presence and willingness to be “in the moment.” Learn Lee Glickstein’s dramatically successful “transformational speaking” approach, where the key to successful public speaking lies in spiritual principles that emphasize self-realization and authenticity. Be Heard Now! teaches you how to:

  • Heal your “inner speaker” and overcome your fear of exposure
  • Express your genuine, personal presence to compel rapt attention
  • Enjoy the natural relationship with your audience that lies underneath the personality
  • Use gentle humor and vulnerability to engage your listeners
  • Apply four essential components to write a successful speech

With this compassionate, realistic approach, Be Heard Now! can help anyone become a confident, anxiety-free public speaker whose ideas flow freely and persuasively.

“This book is on the cutting edge of where leadership and speaking are going. It will absolutely revolutionize your power with people–on and off the platform. Lee Glickstein’s wisdom is unsurpassed.”
Glenna Salsbury

Former President - National Speaker's Association

30 Days to More Powerful Relational Presence

Self-Study Workout Series of 30 interactive four-minute videos

Starting each day by developing your “muscle” of personal presence and power in the world is a spiritual practice with striking professional development benefits:

  • Develop your personal magnetism to enhance leadership and marketing skills
  • Practice listening in a way that builds trust by dissolving self-consciousness and the illusion of separation
  • Express yourself with increasing authenticity

Lee begins each video with a 1-1/2 minute talk directly into your eyes on a theme related to Relational Presence. You will then have 1-1/2 minutes to practice Relational Presence into Lee’s eyes, whether you speak or remain silent.

Buy Video series for only $39.

“Lee’s R.P. workouts are infused with meaningful themes and essential qualities, such that I would be inspired every day to explore some new aspect about myself. I especially delighted in Lee’s ability to make me laugh out loud with his humble humanness. After each workout, I would begin my day feeling much more in tuned with life all around me.”
Sahara Chaldean

Sebastopol, CA

Essential Speaking:

The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice

This book by the Senior Training Director of Speaking Circles International shows you a simple and elegant process to understand your fears, normalize them, and transform them. This step-by-step method will take you beyond that inner critic in your head with compassion and patience. You will discover a new place within where your speaking voice is free to express the essential you.

“Doreen Hamilton’s ‘Essential Speaking’ delivers practical tools from many perspectives to release the true self as speaker. She shows us how to become the open hearted, connected persons we all long for but are afraid of becoming. Doreen guides the reader into a sense of security with the silent center of self.”
Glenna Salsbury

Former President - National Speaker's Association


The Essence of Authentic Presenting Based on the Speaking Circles® Method

This book, in multiple languages, shares the wisdom of Koos Wolcken and Jennet Burghard, Europe Co-Training Directors of Speaking Circles International.

Present! offers you a surprisingly simple way to present yourself authentically, based on Speaking Circles®. No tips or tricks on how to stand and what to say to impress. The essence comes down to this: speak in a way that makes people listen and listen in a way that makes people speak. How do you do this? Literally, be present in the here and now when you communicate. With clear explanations, personal notes and practical exercises, Present! is a unique and instantly useful book on presenting.