A few days ago I heard a radio ad for a cable TV service that trumpeted peace of mind as the promise. “And isn’t it all about peace of mind?” were the closing words.

In the next two days I heard “peace of mind” twice more, in ads for a bank and for a car.

The phrase may sound corny but … that really is what it’s all about.

In one of my public speaking classes last week a participant talked about how his mind was constantly going to crazy places around finances. He couldn’t stop catastrophizing until he made an appointment with a financial person whose gentle manner and expertise normalized him, so his mind could breathe again around money.

For the speaker the point of the story was how his mind sometimes grinds and loops out of control. To me the point of the story is how the right other person can instantly ease a careening mind.

You see, my experience of the human condition is that minds are prone to spin out in areas of stress. That is their job. No one is immune. Spiritual warriors become spiritual worriers in the blink of a third eye, which leads them to judge their spirituality, then judge themselves for judging themselves…..

The wise person knows that the mind can be a dangerous neighborhood — don’t go there alone! — and quickly finds an appropriate other to guide them to safety. The less wise one is attached to self-sufficiency and is under the illusion they can ultimately tame their own mind. Good luck with that!

The story for me is that we need others to ease our wild mind in certain aspects of life, and that each one of us is the agent of peace of mind for others in our area of expertise.

My way of providing peace of mind is to ease performance anxiety.

What’s yours? When you identify and value exactly how you facilitate peace of mind for others, you become more willing to ask others to appropriately come to your assistance as soon as you need what they have.

For now, would you join me for one minute in the powerful meditation of letting your mind breathe? Just take five easy inhales and exhales without trying to regulate them, and as you are doing so, notice the sensation of spacious mind … still mind … loving mind … breathing mind.