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of Public Speaking

“As a result of one Speaking Circle, I did my first talk a week later without beta blockers! No nervousness, no anxiety. I felt involved, vivacious, interested in the people, like we were having a conversation!”

Charlotte Melleno, Psychotherapist


"Public speaking was an agonizing experience -- evenwhen I knew the material well and wanted to share it. I had always been so wrapped up in my own anxiety that I hardly paid any attention to the audience. Through Speaking Circles I now actually enjoy speaking!"

Hal Perry, Psychotherapist


"I learned not only how to be a better speaker, but how to be more fully alive in my power. I use these principles in my ministry to transform the people who come to my church."

Janet Herron, Unity Minister


"Yesterday I spoke at a local TEDx event. If it were not for my Speaking Circle workshop experience I know I would not have been on that stage yesterday.  Lee, as I settled in my spot on the stage at the beginning of my talk, I took a moment to take a breath and see and feel my audience.  I have not forgotten!"

Mary Schaefer, Coach, Trainer, Consultant and Speaker




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Speaking Circles ® Schedule

For more information or to inquire about space in an upcoming Speaking Circle with Lee Glickstein, phone 415-302-3526 or email.

For more information about Circles with Doreen Hamilton, phone 510-524-4055 or email.

San Francisco


  • Alternate weeks - 7pm-9:30pm (April 11, 25; May 9, 23) - Lee Glickstein  


East Bay

Wednesdays (Berkeley)

Thursdays (Berkeley)

  • Alternate weeks - 7pm-9:30pm (April 13, 27; May 11, 25) - Lee Glickstein

Marin County

Tuesdays (Greenbrae)

  • Alternate weeks - 7pm-9:30pm (April 4, 18; May 2, 16, 30) - Lee Glickstein 

Thursdays (San Rafael)

  • Alternate weeks - 7pm-9:30pm (April 6, 20; May 4, 18) - Lee Glickstein 


Other Programs


April 2017

Saturday, April 22: 10am-5pm - Pleasure & Purpose Speaking Circle - San Rafael, CA with Lee


Wednesday, April 26: 7pm-9:30pm - Recover Your Authentic Voice by Changing Your Story - Berkeley CA with Lee and Doreen

May 2017

Monday-Thursday, May 8-11: plus 3-month group coaching program - Facilitator Training Netherlands - Utrecht


Saturday, May 20: 10am-5pm - Pleasure & Purpose Speaking Circle - San Rafael, CA with Lee


June 2017

Tuesday, June 13: noon-1pm Pacific Time - Free Teleclass -- Speaking Circle Ease.

October 2017

Friday-Monday, Oct. 6-9: plus 3-month group coaching program - Facilitator Training Japan - Tokyo


Thursday-Sunday, Oct. 26-29: plus 3-month group coaching program - Facilitator Training California - Marin County




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