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The Pleasure Principle

of Public Speaking

Mike Robbins,
Author of "Focus on the Good Stuff" and "Be Yourself--Everyone Else is Already Taken"


"I gained total freedom to be exactly who I am on the platform. No pretenses, no smoke, no mirrors. What a revelation to find that my real, human self is what my audiences like best! Even my business audiences!"

Jana Stanfield, Speaker/Singer/Songwriter


"For the first time in my life it’s easy for me in front of groups. There’s no anxiety about it; everything just falls into place naturally through attention to Relational Presence."

Steve Mackewicz,
Technology Support Analyst


"Speaking Circles provides the inspiration and the tools for making a difference in the world by communicating from your deepest self."

Gregg Levoy,
Author of "Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life


"Wow! I just watched tonight's Speaking Circle video and then went back and watched my very first one nine months ago. I could barely recognize myself from that Circle. The change I feel is definitely visible! Thank you sooooo much for encouraging me to continue and providing an amazing space for it all to happen."

Tina Landis, Administrative Analyst

Public Speaking and Leadership Programs

The cornerstones of all our public speaking and leadership trainings are Relational Presence, Relational Stillness and authentic expression in the moment. In order to develop full presence in front of groups, it is expected that the basic programs will be repeated for ongoing practice and deepening mastery of this approach.

Speaking Circles are held at locations in the San Francisco Bay Area unless otherwise specified.


On-site programs will be held at your business location unless other arrangements are made. Private coaching sessions are done by phone or Skype.

To register for public speaking classes refer to individual program pages.

For a list of upcoming dates and times, see Calendar of Events.

Basic Programs

These programs provide a solid experiential integration of the Speaking Circle approach which grows deeper over time with ongoing practice. Class sizes are limited so that participants receive individual attention and can work at their own level. Previous experience is not required for any Basic Program.

Speaking Circles

Pleasure & Purpose Speaking Circles

30 Days to More Powerful Relational Presence: Self-Study Video Series

Advanced Programs

Advanced courses bring the principle of Relational Presence to specific professional applications such as giving a talk, leading a workshop, promoting your business through public speaking, or becoming a Speaking Circles Facilitator. Prerequisites vary; please check individual programs for details.

Speaking Circle Facilitator Certification Training

Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions are available with Lee Glickstein and members of the Speaking Circles International team in life and business applications of the Relational Presence approach.

Presentation Coaching with Lee Glickstein


Coaching and Psychotherapy with Doreen Hamilton, PhD


Coaching with Jennet Burghard


Business Coaching with Audrey Seymour, MA MCC

On-site Programs

Lee Glickstein and his team offer customizable on-site business programs for leadership development.

Leadership Attunement Development: The Work Beneath the Work



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