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Leadership Attunement Development:
The Work Beneath the Work


Our experiential training shows leaders how to facilitate the breakthrough conversations with their people that build trust, bring out their best, and maximize productivity.

Leaders can get these results by giving priority attention to being fully present with their teams, and inspiring their team members to be present with each other while listening to each other. This foundational listening creates a workplace culture where everyone feels heard and can contribute their best, which is mission-critical to breakthrough conversations.

What makes our programs radically effective is that within one hour of hands-on practice of this "work beneath the work," the relevant content of breakthrough conversations emerges naturally and precisely so that appropriate decisions and actions present themselves with minimum effort.

Ours is the breakthrough training that isolates where the future of leadership development needs to start, at the pre-content level, from where our communication essentially comes from.

Our program shows leaders how to gain full capacity to:

  • "Hold stillness" for others so that in moments of truth time slows down in consciousness and communication can be more reasoned.
  • Regulate your autonomous nervous system and that of those around you so that communications are not compromised by stress.
  • Tap into the ease of effortless listening so that others feel safe to speak the unspeakable.
  • Communicate from attunement to inspire the kind of trust and loyalty that maximizes productivity.

Program Structure

The first hour is a discovery process that consists of 5% lecture, 25% group discussion and 70% experiential exercise. This hour establishes the platform for the breakthrough conversation to follow that allows everything to be said that must be said, which is crucial for moving forward in harmony and creative synergy.

Along the way, participants gain conscious access to the leadership tools and resources they already have, and other stored wisdom they may not even know they have. From there, our programs are customized to serve the group purpose and the individuals' leadership development.

After that first hour, no two programs are alike. Yours is customized (1) to facilitate turning point conversations on the leading edge of what matters most for you and your group, and (2) for participants to achieve personal breakthroughs in integrating leadership tools into real world challenges.

We know that participants already have excellent leadership resources that will be useful when the timing is right for them to apply, but in the first hour we isolate and expand the natural resource beneath all tools, the exquisitely personal place to come from that allows all good tools their potency.

This path is about evoking and inspiring the best in everyone you meet, and in yourself as a leader.

To learn more, email us -- we'll be happy to set up a time to discuss your leadership objectives, challenges, and potential next steps.



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