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"I always found it more challenging to feel connected to my audience when I couldn't see them. Lee’s approach to Relational Voice Presence is brilliant. In just a few weeks my relationship with teleseminar audiences completely changed. And, I started making videos on the first take! It was exactly the missing piece. I highly recommend this program."

Audrey Seymour Founder and Principal, Clear Change Group



Relational Voice Presence Training: Teleseminar Presence

Private or small group coaching program for change agents and messengers

with Lee Glickstein

Access the essential power of your natural voice to increase your impact as a messenger and change agent in the world. Learn how to create a powerful field of Relational Presence even when you can't see your audience for teleseminars, webinars, phone coaching, videos and more. Then, bring your embodied voice to on-site presentations and trainings to dramatically increase your results when you are in the room with your listeners.

Intro half-hour phone or Skype sessions in in Relational Voice Presence are available with Lee for $50. Then, based on your goals and challenges, we will either fit you into a small group or create a customized coaching program in this work that will give you the masterful presence you need to make the difference you are meant to make.

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