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The Pleasure Principle

of Public Speaking

"Through these day-long sessions I have found I am discovering my best self, my joyous, playful inspired self, the self I have been looking for as long as I can remember." 

--Michelle Veneziano, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Family Practice Physician


"This experience has helped me begin to shift my longstanding 'stage fright'. But unexpectedly, it also introduced me to the truly magical and meditative experience of active listening. I feel like I've had the opportunity to witness the beautiful light shining through all the participants as they stood to speak. I began the day with a group of strangers, but ended it in a circle of friends."

--Matt Klein, Marketing Consultant


"Saturday I was at Lee's amazing daylong with an incredible group of people speaking from a depth that reached beyond the illusion. The day really brought home to me how I want to live like that all the time. Every time I stood to speak I looked at each of the 9 people and fell in love with each one all over again. Why do we allow ourselves to live less than that?"

--Cari Alter, Spiritual Counselor and Healer 



Pleasure & Purpose Speaking Circles

Transform your relationship with groups by practicing

the pleasure principle of public speaking

With Lee Glickstein
No Prerequisite

Saturday, January 20 or February 17, San Rafael, CA
10 AM - 5 PM. F
ee $150. Limited to 10 participants.

We start the day with a Speaking Circle to practice tapping into the essential pleasure of Relational Presence without agenda as to content or style. [Note for newcomers: Any public speaking anxiety starts to dissolve in the listening field of kind regard that naturally calms the nervous system.]

Along the way you'll notice threads that lead to clarity and expression of life purpose, passion, meaning, stories, inquiry, your teachings in the world -- whatever wants to arise effortlessly and authentically in the pleasure field as the day unfolds with more turns.


In the course of this pleasurable day you'll learn:


- How to dissolve public speaking anxiety before you say a word up front

- The foundation for all soul-to-soul leadership transmission

- How to see your audience so they feel seen

- How to access and communicate your "essential knowing" naturally


See background article at this link.

Email to schedule a phone discussion to determine if this may be a fit for you.



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