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"The unique listening field at these sessions acts as healing medicine for what is often meant by 'stage fright'--anxiety, self-criticism, perfectionism, a sense of separation, and fear of being less than worthy--the fears shared by so many given the stories our culture hands down to us. Lee invites and guides each person to join the dance of authentic expression with kindness and playfulness." 

--Brooke Otterson,



"My actually being in the moment every time I speak creates an atmosphere of space and safety into which my participants can explore their own ideas of goals and goal setting.  What a powerful way to communicate! I am grateful to have learned about Relational Presence and its beauty and power – the way I speak is forever transformed."                       

--Kris Carey,

   Life Coach


"Through these Speaking Circles I'm beginning to develop a qualitative awareness in my speaking that goes beyond formula and techniques (e.g. look individuals in the eye, speak slowly, etc.). Whether I call it an emotional muscle, an intuitive awareness, or whatever, I want to learn to strengthen and incorporate it into my normal experience."

--Scott Goering,



"I'm still mesmerized by that great experience. What an opportunity. Such a lovely container of presence and acceptance!"

--Stephanie Stoner,

   Public Health Nurse


At a Speaking Circle® . . .

Speaking Circles - Public Speaking Training

. . . you are provided all the support you need to express yourself in your own time and in your own unique way, without any fear or discomfort. Learn how to move through stage fright rather than trying to mask it by sharing who you really are. Some call this depth of expression, "speaking from the heart," "the authentic self" or "your real voice." Whatever you call it, you know when you are there; you know when someone else is there; and you know how rare it is. And it happens in every Speaking Circle.

See Speaking Circle Calendar or SCI Programs for programs with Lee Glickstein and Doreen Hamilton in the San Francisco Bay Area.
See Worldwide Facilitator Directory to find a Circle led by a Certified Facilitator in your area.

What allows it to happen?

Everyone else in the room is guided to attune their listening to serve you, without expectation or judgment. They do not analyze your process, or comment on your content, whether during your turn, at the break, or after the Circle. You are asked only to fully explore being with the individuals who make up the group, one at a time, in what we call "Relational Presence." You may even remain in silence as you learn to experience the pleasure of being your true self in front of a group.

This elegant process allows you to be supported in your essential being for finite periods--usually for a 3-minute and a 7-minute turn. In tens of thousands of Speaking Circles, we have found that self-consciousness and anxiety, or whatever separates a person from their listeners, dissolves naturally.

You may be drawn to Speaking Circles for many reasons--to become a more authentic communicator, a more effective leader, or simply to be your most comfortable self in group situations.

Tapping into new wellsprings of power, you develop the ability to fully express yourself, freely and joyously. Then you have the tools needed to get in touch with the available support from peers, friends and audiences in the "real world." This allows you to speak with ease, electricity and impact, without anxiety or over-preparation, any time, anywhere.

Thousands have transformed their relationships with groups forever.

Some results:

* Speak with ease, clarity and power.
* Move past stage fright and performance anxiety to discover the joy of receiving support from an audience.
* Present yourself with magnetic presence and authenticity.
* Inspire and motivate others.
* Express yourself with passion, creativity and spontaneity.
* Be comfortable with natural silences.
* Listen in a powerful new way.
* Learn to receive positive regard and appreciation.
* Compel rapt attention from any audience.
* Experience an increase in self-confidence.
* Speak from the heart.
* Find your natural charisma and deep passion.
* Be seen and heard and appreciated for who you are.
* Enjoy the fun of comfortable, natural self-expression.
* Express the inner wisdom that flows from stillness.
* Tolerate silences.
* See and hear others differently, without the usual judgments.
* Be a more effective agent of change in the world.
* Give acknowledgment and appreciation more fully to people in your life.
* Enjoy the natural, gentle humor of our share

See Speaking Circle Schedule or SCI Programs for programs with Lee Glickstein and Doreen Hamilton in the San Francisco Bay Area.
See Worldwide Facilitator Directory to find a Circle led by a Certified Facilitator in your area.

Read What to Expect at Your First Speaking Circle for the format of a Circle.



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