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"I love these workout videos. They are like bookmarks, saying, 'OK to stop here for now. Then come back when you are ready.' Stop what? For me, it is good to stop whatever I am doing and make the exchange with you, Lee."

Steve Wilson, Columbus, Ohio


"For the last two months, before I've headed out the door in the early morning, I've sat in Relational Presence with Lee, centering and grounding my being in the day, the present. The workouts, along with my daily supplements and exercises, help me be more full, more balanced, more connected, inside out."

Lynne Velling, Arcadia, CA


30 Days to More Powerful Relational Presence

Self-Study Workout Series of 30 interactive 4-minute videos

Bonus: When you order this video series, you will also receive Lee's 50-page ebook: Speaker's Guide to Authentic Connection: The Alchemy of Influence through Relational Presence - normally $19

Starting each day by developing your "muscle" of personal presence and power in the world is a spiritual practice with striking professional development benefits:

  • Develop your personal magnetism to enhance leadership and marketing skills

  • Practice listening in a way that builds trust by dissolving self-consciousness and the illusion of separation
  • Express yourself with increasing authenticity

Lee begins each video with a 1-1/2 minute talk directly into your eyes on a theme related to Relational Presence. You will then have 1-1/2 minutes to practice Relational Presence into Lee's eyes, whether you speak or remain silent.

All this plus Lee's ebook for only $39.

"Lee’s R.P. workouts are infused with meaningful themes and essential qualities, such that I would be inspired every day to explore some new aspect about myself. I especially delighted in Lee’s ability to make me laugh out loud with his humble humanness. After each workout, I would begin my day feeling much more in tuned with life all around me."
Sahara Chaldean, Sebastopol, CA

"I have been using the Relational Presence Video Workouts every day since they originally became available. Starting my day by dialing into the RP 'muscle' helps reinforce truly being present when listening to others. And, it benefits my speaking as well: when it becomes my turn to speak in the video, I can feel the transition into that optimal mode in which there is no self-editing  -- only first thoughts flowing into this virtual listening field. Maintaining eye contact with Lee and the exquisite listening presence that resonates from him (even when on video) helps me tune into the connection where my authentic voice flows. Also, Lee, in the portions where he speaks, often shares some wonderful nuggets of information. When hanging out with a master in any discipline, you can't help but gain invaluable insight--definitely the case here. Highly recommended."
Rick Knoblaugh, Palo Alto, CA




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