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The Pleasure Principle

of Public Speaking



5 Minutes Mastery
Soul-to-soul leadership transmission for change agents

with Lee Glickstein

Prerequisite: Attendance at Speaking Circles that demonstrates ease with Relational Presence.

Work with other warm, intelligent listeners in a group adventure that invites powerful content for your signature talk to arise naturally.  These sessions illustrate the wisdom that “We listen each other into existence.”


Saturdays, 9 am - 5 pm, $150


Upcoming Dates: TBA


For more information and to apply for a space in an upcoming workshop, contact register@speakingcircles.com.


Lee will facilitate an accelerated learning environment that will see you through an innovative way to explore rich talk content for presentations.


What to Expect:

First we will be grounded in Relational Presence, which is the capacity to be “easygoing in the not knowing” while maintaining an attuned gaze with one person at a time.

The rest of the day will consist of participants doing 5-6 rounds of 5-minute turns.

You’ll be guided to open each turn in a meaningful life moment memory or with any other emotionally charged sentence that engages your inspired interest, in one precise sentence, with no preparation for what comes next.

After that sentence you’ll take a full breath and go into the unknown with no agenda but to see what comes through as you surrender into the warm intelligent listening field, one listener at a time.

You will complete the five-minute ride wherever it may go and an hour or so later you’ll be up doing it again, the same first sentence, the dropping down, the pleasurable easy going in the not knowing into the lovely eyes reflecting back intelligent life while providing essence listening.

Pre-work for this session is to bring at least one precise opening sentence which we will refine via email (inquiry at speakingcircles dot com) or phone. Turns are captured on video for you to take home.

As the day moves on your turns take on a life of their own as you learn from the repetitive deepening experiences without having to figure anything out. It will be enough to just notice what the listening draws from you each time as you explore different aspects of the story or information that arise.


What You'll Receive:

Sourcing like this inevitably turns up hidden treasures in unexpected ways, since the exercise impacts your being on three levels:

1. BODY — The repetitive exercise desensitizes you to self-consciousness and performance anxiety. It’s easy on the nervous system to only have to memorize one sentence all day and know that the rest is just offering yourself up to intelligent life coming through you. The exercise is designed to be pleasurable. If it’s not pleasurable you are working too hard.

2. TIME — You are learning the rhythm of completing a useful leadership transmission in five minutes, discovering what good you can do in the world in that period of time. Or what five minutes can do through you when you get out of your own way. Without trying, you find ourselves naturally refining how you use the time. This accelerated learning can also be called “super natural learning” because it demands nothing more than being yourself.

3. CONTENT — You will be sourcing (and collecting on video) stories, attitudes and teaching points that arise from the shimmering listening field. The copious content from these turns becomes the raw material building blocks for soul-to-soul leadership transmissions like TED talks at their best, and for other talks and programs of any length.



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