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"Speaking Circles help you expand your voice, but what you get through this process is much more than a public speaking skill—
it's a way of realizing
your magnificence."

Helene Lerner,
Television host
& Emmy Award-winning executive producer


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Be Heard Now: Tap Into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease by Lee Glickstein

Be Heard Now!
Tap into Your Inner
Speaker and Communicate
with Ease
by Lee Glickstein

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"This book is on the cutting edge of where leadership and speaking are going.

It will absolutely revolutionize your power with people--on and off the platform. Lee Glickstein's wisdom is unsurpassed."

- Glenna Salsbury, Former President, National Speaker's Association


Speaker's Guide to Authentic Connection by Lee Glickstein

Speaker's Guide to Authentic Connection: The Alchemy of Influence Through Relational Presence
by Lee Glickstein

PLUS: Video Workout Series:
30 Days to More Powerful Relational Presence



In this ebook, Lee offers a clear and innovative method for leaders ready to transcend performance technique and tap directly into the raw magnetism of their natural charisma.

PLUS: Start each day by toning your "muscle" of personal power in the world through a spiritual practice that brings striking professional development benefits. 30 interactive 4-minute videos with Lee.

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Essential Speaking by Doreen Hamilton

Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice
by Doreen Hamilton, PhD



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This book by the Training Director of Speaking Circles International shows you a simple and elegant process to understand your fears, normalize them, and transform them. This step-by-step method will take you beyond that inner critic in your head with compassion and patience. You will discover a new place within where your speaking voice is free to express the essential you.



Present! The Essence of Authentic Presenting Based on the Speaking Circles® Method

by Jennet Burghard
and Koos Wolcken



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Present! offers you a surprisingly simple way to present yourself authentically, based on Speaking Circles®. No tips or tricks on how to stand and what to say to impress. The essence comes down to this: speak in a way that makes people listen and listen in a way that makes people speak. How do you do this? Literally, be present in the here and now when you communicate. With clear explanations, personal notes and practical exercises, Present! is a unique and instantly useful book on presenting.



Present! De essentie van authentiek presenteren volgens de methode van Speaking Circles®

by Jennet Burghard
and Koos Wolcken



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Ons boek Present! geeft je inzicht in een verrassend eenvoudige manier om authentiek te presenteren, gebaseerd op de methodiek van Speaking Circles. Geen tips en trucs over hoe te staan en wat te zeggen om te imponeren. In essentie gaat het hierom: zo spreken dat mensen luisteren en zo luisteren dat mensen spreken.


Be Heard Now!
How to Speak Naturally and
Powerfully in Front of Any
by Lee Glickstein


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  Imagine standing in front of a room full of strangers—and feeling absolutely at ease with yourself and in command of what you have to say. Yes, you can end your fear of public speaking, and become a powerfully effective speaker at the same time. On Be Heard Now!, you won’t learn any mechanical techniques or oratorical tricks. What you will learn is how to stop “performing” to audiences and how to start connecting with them. 2 hrs 45 mins.


Through Speaking

New Dimensions Radio's
Michael Toms interviews
Lee Glickstein
- 10/17/02

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  In this rich and inspiring dialogue, Glickstein unravels the mystery of stage fright and as he does, we begin to feel our own fears begin to dissolve. "The core problem of stage fright is not a speaking problem, it's a listening problem. When a person has an opportunity to put a priority on listening to his listeners, speaking happens naturally. It all starts with listening." 1 hour


The Spiritual Art
of Speaking

New Dimensions Radio's
Michael Toms interviews
Lee Glickstein
- 12/17/98

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  Speaking in public is the number-one phobia in America. Lee Glickstein believes that many fear speaking because they were not properly listened to as a child--perhaps you were even ridiculed--causing you to lock away the voice that longs to come out and be expressed. Glickstein shows us the secret to a creative, interactive process between you and your audience. 1 hour




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