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Articles - Authentic and Fearless Public Speaking

For in-depth articles about Speaking Circles® and the Relational Presence approach to public speaking, choose a link below.

Speaking Circles Fundamentals

Study FAQ and the principles underlying this approach.

Stage Fright

Learn how to cure stage fright and assess your comfort level speaking to groups while discovering your untapped potential.

Brain Science and Relational Presence

Learn how current brain research points to why Relational Presence is so elegantly transformational.

New Perspectives on Public Speaking

Explore new perspectives on public speaking.

Business and Thought Leader Presentations

Learn how to develop your employees into fully engaged, masterful communicators and transform your organization into a listening culture. Gain insights into expressing your cutting edge wisdom in an effortless way.

Other Applications of Relational Presence

Read about time awareness, choice point mastery, ADHD management and other applications of Relational Presence.

Relational Stillness

Learn about Relational Stillness, a somatic approach to Relational Presence.

Success Stories

Read first-hand experiences written by clients of Speaking Circles programs.



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