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How Speaking Circles® Cured My Stage Fright

By Gary Boomershine

From the time I was about 8, I started to develop anxiety in group interactions. I was always a high achiever, however put in any situation where the "spotlight" was on, I became overwhelmed with self-consciousness that seemed to get worse with age, rather than better. ...

When I entered the work place my stage terror got even worse. I had lots of practice screwing up in my mind. I worked for a very large prestigious management consulting firm representing Fortune 500 companies billing millions of dollars in hourly fees. It was my job to represent the firm as the expert. I was a perfectionist and can proudly say the work I delivered was meticulous and well thought out. However, when I had to present to the client, and even worse, in front of my team, I fell apart -- at least, in my mind.

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How Speaking Circles® Transformed My Ministry

By Larry Shellink

Yesterday I had my first real world opportunity to practice the methods I learned at the workshop. ... I still did not have a complete talk when it was time to stand and deliver. There were several holes in my talk that seemingly needed to be filled in to tie it all together. When there was no more time on the clock and I had to leave the house I went off with the thought that if nothing else, I would remember to pause, take a breath and speak to one person at a time.

Well the outcome was phenomenal. Seemingly out of my relationship with the audience members came the connections that were needed to tie the message together. That's not only poetic but extremely telling of how this approach creates a synergy with listeners that allows content to be communicated beyond the planned message.

That would have been enough to satisfy my hopes and expectations, but there were more extraordinary experiences. ....

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