Transform Self-consciousness into Self-confidence -
First Step: Take the Stage Fright Quiz

Whether giving a toast at a friend’s wedding, an informal talk to a small group at work, or an important presentation, most people experience some degree of performance anxiety.

Ranging from the terrifying variety of stage fright, to low-grade anxiety, to simply a desire to be more authentic and effective in front of groups, assessing your symptoms presents an ideal opportunity to begin transforming self-consciousness into self-confidence.

Take that first step by using this test to assess your (dis)comfort level. Choose the category or categories of questions most appropriate to your situation.


Fill in each blank with: (0) if this is untrue for you, (1) if sometimes true, or (2) if usually true.

Category 1 - Stage Fright

__ Just thinking about speaking to a group makes me anxious.
__ I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing and looking stupid.
__ Growing up I had to justify what I was thinking and feeling, so I clammed up and I have not found my authentic voice.
__ I feel disconnected from others and from my thinking process when I am in front of a group.
__ My eyes dart all over the place.
__ Since childhood I always wondered who I was and that has hindered me from speaking out.
__ I keep running an inner voice saying, “You don’t have anything of value to contribute; it’s already been said and done.”
__ I fear I will freeze if I am expected to speak in front of a group.
__ I can’t remember my lines even though I’ve rehearsed a thousand times.
__ I’m afraid people will laugh at me.

Category 2 - Performance Anxiety

__ I do okay once I'm up there, but until I start I am anxious for no apparent reason.
__ I’m an introvert, it doesn't feel easy to be in the public eye.
__ I usually feel enormous pressure to get things right.
__ I don't trust that the audience is on my side.
__ I don’t have stage fright but I hide behind performance technique, I can't be myself.
__ I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake and won’t be able to recover.

Category 3 - Untapped Potential

__ I am an experienced speaker who just isn’t able to be myself in public.
__ I sense I can be more authentic but I don’t know how.
__ I am so polished that people can’t see my vulnerability.
__ I excel publicly, but feel like a failure privately.
__ I’m an excellent speaker but I have a deeper message hidden away and I feel I’m turning my back on it.
__ I speak from a controlled place that doesn’t meet what a deeper part of me wants to express.

Category 1 - Stage Fright

17-20 You’ve got it bad! (But you are not alone. Stage fright is the #1 reported fear.) Report ASAP to a 1- or 2-day Speaking Circle® workshop to get rapid relief. You don’t need to spend another day afraid of groups when support is available for exactly what ails you.

12-16 You have garden variety stage fright. A series of 3 Speaking Circles or a 1-day workshop will give you the capacity to actually start enjoying speaking to groups any time, anywhere.

6-11 – You have mild performance anxiety, easily dissolved with a series of 3 Speaking Circles or 1-day workshop.

1-5 – You may not have stage fright; proceed to the next category and answer the questions there to assses your level of performance anxiety.

To learn about this approach and take the next step, join Lee at our introductory no-fee teleclass Masterful Public Speaking.

Category 2 - Performance Anxiety

6-12 – The performance anxiety holding you back is manageable. You are very close to actually enjoying being the center of attention. You just need some organized support to realize it yourself. One Speaking Circle and one private coaching session will show you a way through the anxiety and put you in a position to take full advantage of your leadership speaking capacity.

3-5 – You are ready for a major breakthrough. Reading “Be Heard Now!” or attending one Speaking Circle will open your eyes dramatically to a world of possibility.

0-2 –You may not have performance anxiety; proceed to the next category and answer the questions there to assses your level of untapped potential.

To learn about this approach and take the next step, join Lee at our introductory no-fee teleclass Masterful Public Speaking.

Category 3 - Untapped Potential

Any score at all – Your willingness to move to the next level of communication mastery is courageous. There is no reason you can’t be a successful professional speaker if so motivated. Go for it!

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