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Speaking with Charisma

By Lee Glickstein

Most of the people I work with are over 40, and I am becoming a connoisseur of seasoned charisma.
Charisma has a bad name in some circles because in its unripe state it can show up as manipulative charm.
But in its fully developed form, charisma is a quality of magnetic presence synonymous with character.

Defined as "a spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people," true charisma is the key to masterful teaching and business success.

Those attracted to the Relational Presence approach to communication expand into their natural magnetism by becoming "easygoing in the not knowing."

You see, true charisma is the opposite of knowing it all with ready answers. Rather, it is about holding a luxuriously open space that naturally brings out the best in everyone, including oneself. By necessity, this starts with sensing the common ground in any room or conversation before saying a word.

And the common ground is literally the ground beneath your feet.

I often teach about "speaking from your feet." True charisma is about listening from your feet; holding the others in the room or in the conversation with positive regard from the center of the earth without trying to control the outcome.

From this rock solid place, years of experience and mastery in your expertise and passion eloquently flow forth from the gift that you are, unfiltered by performance anxiety or technique.

Authentic charisma, far from being a "soft skill," translates into real world personal and professional power. The resulting relational ease brings rock-solid confidence and effectiveness to all your critical communications, both one-on-one and with groups. Your magnetism increases as you inspire trust in others, because you completely trust yourself when you speak, and when you listen.

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