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How to Evoke the Conscious Listening Field

By Lee Glickstein

When you stand in front of a group, your first task is to activate the Conscious Listening Field in the room. If you deliver information or chatter before they are ready to truly be there for you, or at a pace too rapid to breathe with, you will fight an uphill battle for their attention and trust.

That's why we take a full breath or two before we say a word, to allow ourself to truly see them and "hear" them in their silence. The generous allowance of the expanded moment to connect in the stillness evokes their higher listening and goes a long way toward alleviating our own self-consciousness, anxiety, and illusion of separation.

At a Speaking Circle, the Facilitator establishes the Conscious Listening Field by guiding the group to be softly available with their eyes and heart in a state of Relational Presence ("RP") which includes an attitude of positive regard for the person up front -- a kind of listening meditation. When that person submits to the Listening as the primary intelligence in the room, he or she will then "serve the listening" effortlessly.

Serving the listening includes two facets:

(1) Honoring the Listening by being in RP with open heart and soft-focused eyes, radiantly grateful for the pleasure of connectedness distinctly with one person in this moment, without having to speak. And allowing words to arise, when they do, without compromising the deeper connection.

(2) Providing them with something useful, whether inspiration, information, or entertainment. This happens naturally in its own time and pace when you practice the first facet until it becomes natural to you in front of groups, any time and anywhere.

Efforting to serve up facet #2 without mastering #1 is what public speaking usually looks like, and when that is the situation with the person up front, there is not much pleasure in the room.

The Listening, when you practice submitting to it, evokes your light and your depth, your life force, your crystal clarity, all the magic and sparkle that flows from your essence. We listen each other into existence, effortlessly and with pleasure.

My promise: When you develop the capacity to Serve the Listening by practicing RP in a well-facilitated conscious listening team, every time thereafter you get up in front of any group, that field will bring the best out in them, and in you.

© Copyright 2011, Lee Glickstein. All rights reserved.



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