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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

By Lee Glickstein

Albert Einstein said: "You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem."

A century ago the notion that a person can significantly alter their life experience by transforming their thinking and beliefs was radical. Now it has become a mainstream given. For evidence, watch any Oprah and listen for the underlying message delivered by just about every guest.

Speaking Circle practice changes how people think about speaking to groups. From there, transformation happens effortlessly, with no techniques, tips or tricks to learn. How does this happen? I'll share my thoughts about that, along with ideas for how you can guide others in changing their thinking in your area of expertise or passion.

When a person first stands in front of a group that is asked to listen in deep stillness at a level beyond words, and surrenders to that listening without having to speak, the thoughts that arise tend to be about this situation called "public speaking." Thoughts like, "This is difficult," "I can't do this," "They don't like me," "I'm not worthy," "I have nothing of value to say," or "I better break this silence or I'll die."

When one verbalizes such thoughts or beliefs and gets truly heard in a safe setting, said notions immediately start to lose their power because there is the opportunity to witness the opposite--that when you reveal who you really are, you are so much more compelling and interesting. And as the exploration goes on, those false notions naturally drop off along with the anxiety associated with them. What remains is a human being of value with a voice, and less and less self-consciousness.

The way I guide people in changing their thinking about public speaking is by giving them a precise map of how to do this, which starts out by not speaking to immediately fill the space.

Now think of the subject you communicate about, or want to. Instead of imagining that your job is to fill your listeners with information or motivation, see if you can pinpoint your unique way of thinking about your subject that influences your passion about it. This is what your listeners need to hear early on to get on board with you.

My article on "How to Open and Structure a Masterful Talk" (email inquiry@speakingcircles.com if you'd like a copy) shows precisely how to open with a brief life moment that led to an "Aha!" in your thinking, a shift that influenced your life path and brings you here in all your passion in this moment to share it with your audience, all in the first 2 minutes. From here, you spend the rest of the time facilitating that same shift in their thinking.

This is a much easier and more effective way to be with audiences than a conventional "speech."

And don't think of yourself as a "speaker." You are a facilitator of wholeness.

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