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How to Think and Speak at the Same Time

By Lee Glickstein

Any degree of public speaking fear, from stage fright to mild anxiety, can be seen as a problem in harmonizing one's speaking with one's thinking. You may tend to think too fast to keep up with in your speaking, or your mind "freezes" and you can't speak at all. Or both things happen at different times.

In any case, it all comes down to synching up your speaking with your thinking.

So, how can you slow chaotic thinking to the pace of natural speaking? And at other times, how can you speed up your thinking to avoid awkward silences?

The happy reality is that the practice of being only and always with one person at a time in what we call Relational Presence naturally brings your thinking and speaking into harmony in front of groups. This is accomplished effortlessly by allowing you and your audience to relax and breathe together as your highest priority.

Many people who show up at the Relational Presence "gym" at first resist the guidance to place full priority on being absolutely with one person at a time because doing so clashes with their habitual thinking patterns and it can feel quite vulnerable to jump off your runaway train of thought when it is speeding along.

But what happens when you muster the courage to let your train of thought "crash" is nothing short of liberation. You see, those habitual thinking patterns simply do not sync up with speaking to a group! New thinking patterns that fit your public voice are eager to emerge naturally when you give them the space.

Once your Relational Presence "muscle" is entrained with audiences through practice in a safe group, out in public you can breathe, think clearly, and speak in perfect harmony, unselfconsciously. You are in pleasure and so are your listeners, who are free to breathe and listen spaciously as they take in your contribution.

© 2009, Lee Glickstein. All rights reserved.



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