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Your Leadership Contribution

By Lee Glickstein

True leaders heed the call to live out loud through events in their lives that demand participation from a deeply emotional place.

One obvious example is Michael J. Fox. After contracting Parkinson's, advocacy for patients with the disease became his life work. However, most emotional story lines are much more subtle.

Many of us were born into adverse circumstances or suffered hardships in the course of life. At the same time, each of us entered the world with an inherent genius for creative problem solving. Those who are able to survive and thrive often become passionate about lending a hand to others who still suffer.

Decades of experience in transcending your greatest challenge has given you an evolving mastery. Your unique expertise may not yet have a name, but it is a potency within that cries out for full-throated voice.

Some of you are on the path of expressing your gift with the precise passion that attracts the people for whom you can make a difference. For you sense that only then can you gain the freedom that comes with fully "singing your song," and until then you may suffer a sense of impaired vitality. What may be missing is that you are not contributing anywhere close to capacity.

I have come to realize that I have a rage to contribute. My primary emotional story line is that as a child I was neither seen nor heard. My natural expression was squelched and remained underground for 45 years. Then I found a way out that allowed me to become a transformational agent for others whose self-consciousness and performance anxiety were stifling their voice and compromising their gift.

Thus my rage to contribute alchemically transmuted into Speaking Circles, Relational Presence, and my desire to assist others in finding their passion to contribute.

What is your emotional story line that is inexorably transforming into your unique gift in the world? I believe that exploring and expressing yourself into great listening provides peace and attracts prosperity.

© 2009, Lee Glickstein. All rights reserved.



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