Speaking Circles International (R)

The Pleasure Principle

of Public Speaking
  • Our Team:

Lee Glickstein
Founder and President

Doreen Hamilton
Senior Training Director

Koos Wolcken
Training Co-Director Europe

Jennet Burghard
Training Co-Director Europe

Pam Noda
Training Director Pacific Rim / Asia

John Dawson

  • Advisory Team:

Audrey Seymour

Daniel Kingsley

Lynne Velling

Tina Mertel

Sara Glickstein


About Speaking Circles International

Speaking Circles International (SCI) is an educational and training company that serves individuals and organizations in the art and skill of masterful public speaking. SCI was founded in 1989 by Lee Glickstein when a lifetime of stage fright motivated him to develop a radical approach to authentic and effective public speaking. This process of discovery led him to a deep understanding of the principles of natural communication through Relational Presence.

Author of Be Heard Now! Tap into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease (Broadway Books and Sounds True Audiotapes), Lee is committed to facilitating ease, power and effectiveness for anyone who needs or wants to address groups.

SCI teaches its programs internationally and has trained Facilitators from multiple countries including: The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Kenya, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia and New Zealand.





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